Five Ways That Could Enable Your Toddler To Get Healthy And Happy

“HAPPY HEALTHY PARENTS MAKE HAPPY HEALTHY CHILDREN” Are you making healthy choices for your toddler or Have you ever pondered whether the manner in which you parent your toddler or the manner in which you’re bringing them up, is beneficial for them? This is the basic Question that parents often forget to consider! But it […]

Copycat prankster, 36, is captured over video of him licking a tub of ice cream and returning it on the rack – only days after teenager did likewise in the footage

A 36-year-elderly person could face jail after he presented a video on Twitter demonstrating him lick ice cream straight from the tub before returning it in the general store freezer. Lenise Martin III, 36, has been accused of unlawful posting of crime for reputation and attention and altering the property, subsequent to shooting a copycat […]